Engineered wood flooring is an increasingly popular choice of flooring for homeowners, because it adds warmth, character and value to any room that it is installed in. As opposed to real wood flooring and laminates, engineered wood flooring is specially manufactured to suit a variety of purposes such as underfloor heating.

Composed of solid wood, it can difficult for the trained eye to distinguish the difference between engineered flooring and solid wood flooring. The flooring can make a bold statement in the room that is fitted in, requiring minimal maintenance and being able to withstand years of constant foot traffic.

The installation of wood flooring is relatively simple as it is specifically built so that each part fits like a jigsaw puzzle. This is an incredibly straightforward process in comparison to the nailing method used for solid wood flooring, which makes it easier for you if you are installing the flooring yourself.

You have the luxury of being able to choose through our extensive ranges of engineered wood flooring in our shop. Sourcing all our products from leading manufacturers throughout the country, you can be sure to find something perfect for your home.